The Best Diving Season in Zanzibar

Embark on an underwater adventure in Zanzibar North during the peak diving season from March to May
January 01, 2024

Experience Fantastic Diving Conditions around the North Coast of Zanzibar Island in March, April and May 

Our favourite diving season in Zanzibar North starts in March. It is the rainy season and lasts until the end of May. The underwater visibility is great at this time. And you will see more and bigger fish on most dives than the rest of the year. Fun Divers Zanzibar will show you peak diving conditions, professional service and the best sites to explore.

Embark on an underwater adventure in Zanzibar North during the peak diving season from March to May

Local Weather in Nungwi | March · April · May

Stunning Skies

During March to May spectacular cloud formations and sunsets are common. You can watch the natural splendour and sunsets from Nungwi Beach.

Rain And Sun

While the daytime temperatures drop to a comfortable level, the weather can be unpredictable. You may experience frequent changes from short heavy showers, sunny spells and tropical rainfalls lasting 1 or 2 hours, to whole rainy and beautiful sunny days.

Actual Weather

While international weather reports indicate the occurence of rain all day long from March to May, this does not correspond to the realtime weather on the ground in Zanzibar North. 

Our dive center is located in Nungwi, on the northernmost tip of Unguja Island, commonly called Zanzibar. Here the weather and sea conditions are unique and not to be confused with other parts of Zanzibar or the other islands of the archipelago and the mainland Tanzania.

Green Sea Turtle in Zanzibar North

Best Diving Conditions in Zanzibar North | March · April · May

Visibility Peak

Zanzibar North is known for great underwater visibility between 20 to 60 metres. Why does this peak in particular in the rainy season? 

From March to May the strong winds subside and the Indian Ocean around Zanzibar Island’s north coast becomes very calm. The calmer seas make excellent visibility for divers.

Seahorse in Zanzibar North

Water Temperatures

The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are also pleasant from March to May. With average water temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius, Zanzibar is a great diving destination throughout the year.

Coral Grouper in Zanzibar North

Marine Life

There is a wide range of hard and soft corals and more than 500 marine species. It is usual to encounter pods of dolphins, sea turtles, tropical reef fish, a large variety of macro marine life, extraordinary sea creatures and, on occasion, white tip reef sharks. 

March to May, as it rains often, the water temperatures in the sea slightly decrease and you can see more fish on the reefs.

With the cooler water temperatures, small fish species such as sardines and pilchards appear at our dive sites. These attract the larger predators such as the barracudas, groupers, kingfish and cobias. March, April and May is the season in Zanzibar when you can encounter bigger fish on almost every dive.

Base at Nungwi Beach


This is the time of year that you could have the boat all to yourself. Enjoy the reef with your personal dive guide and very few other divers to spoil the view.

Sites to explore in Zanzibar North

Famous Sites

Mnemba, Tumbatu, Nungwi, Leven Bank. The marine reserves of Zanzibar Island offer a huge choice of sites to explore and the best dive sites can be reached in 5 to 45 minutes from Fun Divers Zanzibar.

Variety of Dives

Whether you prefer colourful coral walls, sloping reefs, plate corals, bommies or terraced coral gardens, the variety of wall and reef dives suit every level of diver qualification.

Be Inspired

Be inspired by our presentation of the most popular reefs in Zanzibar North (dive site map, level, depth, type, reef, common sea life sightings) at

Embark on an underwater adventure in Zanzibar North during the peak diving season from March to May

Diving the Best Season in Zanzibar North | March · April · May

Scuba Deals

Local PADI Dive Resort Fun Divers Zanzibar is offering divers a choice of scuba deals during the best diving season in Zanzibar North.

Fun Divers Zanzibar is the first locally owned PADI Dive Resort in Zanzibar. Our team of friendly Zanzibaris grew up in the fishing village of Nungwi and experienced the reefs around northern Zanzibar as local fishermen for many years before. Diving is offered only in small groups to allow an exclusive and personalised underwater experience.

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