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I recently spent an unforgettable five days scuba diving in the stunning waters of Nungwi, Zanzibar. My dive guide, Shauri, was truly exceptional. His meticulous attention to my dive gear and unwavering commitment to safety made each dive not only secure but profoundly enjoyable. Shauri introduced me to the best dive sites, revealing the incredible diversity of marine life in the Indian Ocean. Our boat captain, Ali, was nothing short of a master navigator. His skill and expertise in maneuvering the open ocean were awe-inspiring. Beyond his seafaring prowess, Ali also shared a delightful skill with me—how to cut a pineapple like a seasoned pro. The warmth and hospitality of the people of Nungwi have left a lasting impression on me, and I'm deeply grateful for this extraordinary experience. I highly recommend this diving adventure to anyone looking to explore the beauty of Zanzibar's underwater world.
Gümüş Altın
Gümüş Altın
June 2, 2024
Wir waren zwei Tage mit Fun Divers Zanzibar tauchen. Entspanntes, professionelles Team. Wir haben uns zu jeder Zeit sicher gefühlt.
Jasmin Graber
Jasmin Graber
May 10, 2024
War ein freundliches und engagiertes Personal, die Tauchtour war super. Auf dem Boot gab es kostenlose Verpflegung.
Luc Heeckt
Luc Heeckt
May 1, 2024
Nice place to be with your family. I really enjoyed the period when I was there.
Maliki Hassani
Maliki Hassani
April 17, 2024
Très bon centre de plongée avec un très bon rapport qualité/prix. Explications claires, guides sympas, je recommande
Billy Pepe
Billy Pepe
March 31, 2024
Very nice 8 dives and excellent nightdive. All very friendly people and helpful throughout the dives. Kept us up to date with the dive plans via whatsapp.
Sander Almey
Sander Almey
March 16, 2024
Unbelievable experience, the chaps are all so professional and the dive locations were amazing, clear water, massive array of marine life and 20% off when I booked on line,
David Barnett
David Barnett
February 19, 2024
Great experience. I did my open water padi here in November and Asheli was a great instructor. Super knowledgeable, friendly and kind. Felt safe all the time (even when I did things wrong). Can highly recommend.
Eva Oerlemans
Eva Oerlemans
February 18, 2024
Wir haben 7 Tage bei den FUNDIVERS getaucht. Der Service ist perfekt und alles läuft sehr freundschaftlich. Wir hatten sehr viel Spaß und werden sicherlich wieder kommen. Vielleicht auch nach Pemba - da wollen die Fundierst eine Niederlassung eröffnen.
Melanie Nicklaus
Melanie Nicklaus
January 31, 2024

New Dive Center on Pemba Island

Fun Divers Zanzibar, your local dive company, opens a brand new PADI Dive Resort on Pemba Island

Diving With Fun Divers Zanzibar

Local Expert

Fun Divers Zanzibar is the local expert in scuba diving and the first locally owned and operated PADI Dive Resort in Zanzibar.

Our charming local dive center is run by a team of friendly Zanzibaris who grew up in the fishing village of Nungwi. We experienced the reefs around northern Zanzibar as local fishermen for many years before.

PADI Regional Manager visiting Zanzibar

PADI Regional Manager visiting Zanzibar

Local Guides

Our experienced local PADI Pros will guide you over the best dive sites around northern Zanzibar.

Personalised Diving

We plan your dives together with you and tailor them to your needs and qualifications.

Small Groups

Diving is offered only in small groups to allow you an exclusive underwater experience.

Quality Equipments

We provide quality branded dive gear from Scubapro and Mares for free.

Professional Service

As a PADI Dive Resort and a Divers Alert Network Industry Partner, we value our customers dive safety and are committed to professional dive training.

Best Diving in Zanzibar

North Region

The reefs surrounding the north region of Zanzibar Island are a famous scuba diving destination.

Our base at Nungwi Beach is the central starting point for your excursions to the best dive sites of Zanzibar Island. From here you have a choice to visit the amazing spots in the marine reserve of Mnemba Island, Tumbatu Island, Nungwi and Leven Bank.

Best diving in Zanzibar

Best diving around Zanzibar North

Huge Variety of Diving

Whether you prefer colorful coral walls, sloping reefs, plate corals, bommies or terraced coral gardens, the variety of wall and reef diving suits every level of diver qualification.

Common Sea Life Sightings

Besides over 500 species of marine life, you can discover a wide range of hard and soft corals diving the reefs around Zanzibar’s north coast. Where we usually encounter pods of dolphins, sea turtles, tropical reef fish, a large variety of macro marine life and extraordinary sea creatures.

Diving in Zanzibar

Coral reef in Zanzibar North

Diving Conditions

The warm Indian Ocean waters around Zanzibar makes for easy relaxed diving in calmer sea conditions.

  • Water Temperature: 24-29 degrees Celsius
  • Visibility: 20-60 meters
  • Diving Difficulty: All levels
  • Depth Range: 2-30+ meters

Time To Go Diving

You can dive in Zanzibar all year round.

Best Diving in Zanzibar

What awaits beneath the waves? Explore stunning reefs, vibrant walls, coral gardens and hidden gems in Zanzibar North. Discover our dive sites.

Diving The Marine Reserve

Mnemba Island

The reefs around Mnemba Island are declared marine conservation area in Zanzibar.

Diving in Mnemba is well known for encounters with pods of dolphins, abundant sea life and great visibility.

Dolphins sightings are a regular occurrence. Should we encounter them during our boat ride, you will have the opportunity to swim/snorkel with them.

Diving with dolphins in Mnemba Island in Zanzibar

Dolphins in Mnemba Island

Kichwani and Wattabomie spots in Mnemba are top choices for your diving adventure in Zanzibar.

Discover the magic of diving in the marine reserve.

Diving Season

March To May

Especially in March to May, experience fantastic diving conditions around the north coast of Zanzibar Island. 

The underwater visibility is great at this time. And you will see more and bigger fish on most dives than the rest of the year.

Diving in Zanzibar

Diving season from March to May

We will show you peak diving conditions, professional service and the best sites to explore in Zanzibar North. 

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Dive into Zanzibar at unbeatable offers:
Book your underwater adventure with Fun Divers Zanzibar!

Dive into Zanzibar at unbeatable offers: Book your underwater adventure with Fun Divers Zanzibar!

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Get your free Fun Divers Zanzibar t-shirt when you complete 4 or more dives or a scuba diving course with us by the end of June 2024.


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Get a bonus dive (on the same excursion) when you book a double dive this June to November. This offer excludes pre-booking discounts.